Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day: Two

In order to better facilitate innovation and budget we needed to know about current building methods and materials and their strengths and weaknesses. When we asked Shilla to take us to some of his current construction projects he eagerly agreed to do so.

We could see the contented pride he has for his work as he took us to each site. His beaming face revealed enthusiasm for his ability to provide quality construction. As we discussed material possibilities and ways to improve construction his careful contemplation also expressed deep interest in innovation.

Construction methods here are primitive. Power tools are rare, even non-existent. Everything is done on-site and by hand using things you might find in your grandpa's shed. Materials are raw and unrefined. Concrete and block provide structure with the occasional hand-built truss. Plaster and tile comprise most of the finishes. Gypsum board is available but not often used. Corrugated metal is the preferred choice for roofing. All in all good materials, but inefficient in many ways.

Shilla's construction experience covers a diverse range of projects.

Construction bracing and scaffolding. OSHA approved!

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