Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day: Five

Our journey tomorrow will take us south west to the village of Mbagala.  In order to venture the rocky, dust clouded path we'll need a set of reliable wheels that can haul our seven person crew.

This morning Matt, Talley, Talvy, and Hunter set off to the internet cafe to make a blog post while Justin set out to acquire a vehicle.  Stepping out of the cafe back into the humid, sun drenched sidewalk a small beastly bus, flying past us, laid on the horn and locked up it's brakes skidding to a dusty stop a few yards away.  Like a south of the border bank robbery the driver rolled down the window and screamed, "Get in!".  As we stood there, frozen partly from concern and partly from utter intrigue, the dust from the tires settled and we saw Justin at the wheel.

The van is definitely a score.  We'll be renting it for the rest of the time that we're here.  It can comfortably hold fourteen people and if we start to run low on cash we can use it as a taxi to pick up a few shillings here and there.

Added horsepower.

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