Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day: One

Mambo vipi! We've had an amazing first, non-jet lagged day in Dar es Salaam. Within our first hour of setting foot on his native Tanzanian soil we met our partner and contractor, Shilla. Shilla is the genuine article: a man who has noble vision and a humble passion to pursue it.

Before we even had time to drop off our bags at our three week destination Shilla whisked us to his restaurant [well, it's actually a bar of class acts] to enthusiastically introduce us to
'Maisha Bora', his construction company. Maisha Bora, translated from Swahili to mean 'A Better Life', is also a concept and philosophy that Shilla wants to plant in the hearts of what he calls 'the average African man'.

In complete harmony SEED and Maisha Bora have the goal to help the average man provide for himself a sense of pride through ownership and health through uncompromising design and construction.

Discussing possibilities (left to right: Matt, Gwilla, Talvy, Justin, Shilla)

Overlooking one of Shilla's many projects in his neighborhood.

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