Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day: Eight

Our work day helped us answer a lot of important questions.  Of course, each answer left us with more questions.  We needed another gathering of the minds.  We rounded up the usual suspects: Shilla, the contractor, and Anthony and Shabbir, the insulated panel fabricator.  Our few ‘what’ questions now demanded a host of ‘how’ answers.   How does the wall connect to the foundation?  How do joints between panels connect?  How far can the roof panels span?  And the ever-looming, all-important, how much does the system cost?

Once our barrage of questions was satisfied, Anthony and Shabbir had a cross examination prepared for us.  They wanted to know what we thought of their projects built with the panel system.  We discussed the leaking roof, less-efficient design, and lack of user education.  They seemed to appreciate the feed back and thanked us for our thoughts.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have found the ideal building product being locally fabricated by people whose philosophy is aligned perfectly with ours.

The Menagerie (left to right): Shabbir, Justin, Talvy, Matt, Anthony, Gwilla, Shilla, Hunter

A fantastic end to a fantastic day.

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  1. Fortuitous perhaps but much, much more. The meeting of minds more probably the divine breath.
    Much congratulations to you all and best wishes in this illuminating endeavor. How can I help?