Saturday, April 23, 2011

what is SEED?

SEED starts with a problem...each year, 70 million people in developing countries move to cities in search for a more prosperous life. nearly all this growth has been driven by the raw force and determination of people to build better lives, and has occurred in the absence of official city planning. this has resulted in poor access to water, sanitation, and affordable housing.

SEED is a unit of dwelling and innovative building system that is designed to be scalable, affordable, dignified, and rapidly constructable. utilizing passive design elements, such as large overhangs to create shade for the house and external courtyards, to more active elements like rain water collection, the SEED unit forms a self-sustaining architecture as a single family residence. corridors between units allow light and circulation, as well as pre-planned utility runs for every unit, enabling a preemptive stance to future services. each SEED aids in the construction of other SEEDS; creating community and exponentially evolving growth.

this blog begins with our journey to dar es salaam, tanzania in our exploration for developing the SEED design; this includes, but is not limited to material development, building system technology/assembly, spacial configuration and function, and human need.

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